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Payment Methods

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Credit Cards?

Payment Methods We have partnered with PayPal for our master card dealings process on our website. because the largest and most recognizable entrance and processor of credit cards online, PayPal provides merchants with secure, trustworthy payment services.

For receiving and transmittal client payment info, PayPal implements the foremost advanced net security protocols together with 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

in addition, Absolute Generators maintains compliance with high-security programs developed by the cardboard associations, like the Visa Cardholder info Security Program (CISP) and MasterCard website knowledge Protection (SDP). Payment Methods

PayPal payment? Payment Methods

Payment Methods Paypal offers clients 3 ways of buying our product. Once you click the button to “checkout with PayPal”, you will be directed to log in to (or produce an associate degree account for) PayPal.

you may then have the choice to 1) Pay via your existing Paypal account balance, 2) Pay exploitation of your master card at intervals of your PayPal login space, or 3) Pay exploitation of Paypal’s finance service, “Bill Maine Later”.

PayPal mechanically encrypts direction in transit from your laptop to theirs exploiting the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an associate degree coding key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available).

Before you even register or log in to the PayPal website, PayPal’s server checks that you are exploiting an associate degree approved browser – one that uses SSL three.0 or higher. Payment Methods: Shop

Payoneer Payment?

Payment Methods Payoneer Bank payment methods that provide direct payment or payment by transfer.

Upon receipt of the transfer amount, your transfer will be put into action. We will support that product that exceeds $500 Or more.

Bank Transfer (Wire Transfer)?

Payment Methods This simple and convenient choice is usually utilized once getting things in bulk or on terribly massive purchases.

Follow these four simple steps to put associate degree order via Bank Transfer Payment Methods

Select a product(s) that’s over $500

Proceed through checkout on our website by choosing the payment technique “Bank Transfer”.

Enter the required info throughout the checkout method. you may want the subsequent info handy for this payment method:

Upon receipt of your order and bank wire transfer, your order is going to be placed into process standing and you may be updated with shipping and pursuit info.

Payment Methods From client To Absolute Generators 

It is the standard operating procedure to charge the customer’s master card, PayPal account,

and/or settle for and deposit the customer’s cashier check upon original order initiation in spite of product accessibility and/or backorder standing.  This policy prevents shipping delays,

errors in communication, and confusion upon actual order fulfillment and shipping initiation.

We settle for Visa, MasterCard, and Yankee categorical.

Can payment information be saved?

We do not save your card information or your bank account data at all, so you have to be reassured about this,

as the choice is up to you alone to save the payment information, as this information is saved by the browser you use and not from the site where the data save files are called from usernames, passwords, and payment data,

you can delete it Or keep it to speed up the old operations, and that is up to you alone. You can find out more through this Google article: or make changes to an existing payment method saved. Read the next article:

Fix issues with saved payment info & passwords.